Dario De Toffoli reclaimed mind sports Pentathlon World Champion title after 10 years

XVI world championships in mind sports pentathlon, better known as the Pentamind world championships was won by italian Dario De Toffoli with 489.14 points out of maximum 500. De Toffoli destroyed the field of more than 200 players from 32 different nations beating silver medallist Francisco Paco Garcia De La Banda from Spain by 22 points. The bronze medal went to James Heppell from UK who lost silver by mere two points.

dario-de-toffoli-and-paco-de-la-banda       Dario De Toffoli (left) and Paco De La Banda
(photo from www.boardability.com)

The most prestigeous multievent tournament in mind sports lasted no less than nine days and 104 hours with more than 50 different mind sports played from which five best results were summarised for each participant for the overall standings. The event was led for most of the time by englishmen James Heppell and David Jameson, before De Toffoli took over in the seventh day when winning an aquire tournament in a style and increasing his points tally to a whopping 485 points.  There was no real danger for the italian legend since then and he even got some extras in the final day with third place in lost cities. The other events in the De Toffoli´s top 5 were oware, backgammon and mastermind. With this great victory the italian became only third person in history who has won the prestigeous title more than once, the englishmen Demis Hassabis and David Pearce being the others. As the title was first time won by De Toffoli already in 2002, the ten years gap between world champion titles is an unique record in the event. De Toffoli now has 8 medals in the Pentamind – two golds, two silvers and four bronzes – an achievement which is also a record.

11 participants did collect more than 400 points:

1) Dario De Toffoli, Italy

2) Francisco Paco Garcia De La Banda, Spain

3) James Heppell, UK

4) Andres Kuusk, Estonia

5) Ankush Khandelwal, India

6) David Jameson, UK

7) Tony Niccoly, Italy

8) Michael Dixon, UK

9) Tim Hebbes, UK

10) Matthew Hathrell, UK

11) Alain Dekker, Republic of South Africa.