2013 Mind Sports Olympiad

The 17th Mind Sports Olympiad was held at The University Of London Union from August 16th to the 25th.

This years Pentamind title, which is awarded to the player who scores the best results in five distinct games, was shared by UK’s Ankush Khandelwahl and Estonia’s Andres Kuusk (fantunes in Mindoku) both of whom had a total of 492 points out of a maximum 500 points. James Heppell (UK) collected 480 points and 3rd place.

Martin Hõbemägi (left, 5th overall), Ankush Khandelwahl (middle), and Andres Kuusk (right).
Image linked from msoworld.com.

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About MSO, from msoworld.com:

The Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) is an annual international multi-disciplined competition and festival for games of mental skill and mind sports. The inaugural event was held in 1997 in London with £100,000 prize fund and was described as possibly the biggest games festival ever held. It was the first event of its kind aiming to create an Olympics of the mind, awarding gold, silver and bronze medals for each event. The Mind Sports Olympiad continues to take place every year in England.

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