New game client is released!


We just released the new game client! To read the introductory post for the new client, click here. To sum up the biggest improvements over the old Java Applet based game clients:

  • all games and tournaments can be played on one page, no need to keep open separate browser tabs;
  • support for tablets and smartphones;
  • lightweight, loads a lot faster and needs less resources.


Current version of the new game client supports these games:

  • checkers and all its variants;
  • sudoku;
  • gomoku, pente, renju;
  • othello;
  • lines of action.

We’ll add the rest of the games (chess and its variants, connect four, entropy and card games) as soon as we can.

Feel free to discuss the new game client (opinions, bug reports, suggestions, etc) in our forum.



Mindoku Team

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