Mindoku and Vint databases connected!


A month ago we talked about our plans to connect Mindoku and Vint databases. We did it last night and now they are connected! I’ll list here again the main points and changes that have now been made:

  • Mindoku and Vint gamerooms have been connected which means that users in Vint can play with users in Mindoku and vice versa. This essentially means that Mindoku and Vint are just different web interfaces to the same database (users, games, tournaments etc). If you created your account in one portal you can now also log in to the other. However, Mindoku is international and Vint remains an Estonian site.
  • Like also mentioned before one downside of connecting the portals is that because of technical and other reasons all the games played and sudokus solved in Mindoku prior to the big change are gone (about 5000 duel games and 35,000 sudokus). However we think that this was worth it in the long run because now there is a lot more action in Mindoku in terms of number of users online and tournaments.

Since it was quite a huge update, there might be some bugs around that we have not yet noticed. If you find one, let us know in the forum or write us an email.


Mindoku Team

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