Near-future plans for Mindoku (new game room!)


It might seem like it has been rather quiet in terms of updates to Mindoku. It is not because our team is not working on Mindoku – quite the opposite. We are currently working on a completely new version of Mindoku game client, which is very different from our present games. Here are the main differences:

  • all the games and tournaments can be played on one single page (currently you have to open a separate tab for chess, gomoku, every tournament, etc)
  • support for tablets and smartphones by using modern web standards (HTML5) instead of archaic technologies (Java applets)

Here is a screen shot of the new client (specifically the new tournament tab) currently in development (click on the image to view in original size):


And this one below is a screen shot of a gomoku game. You’ll notice that you’ll be able to open a gameroom from the right side “Available gamerooms” menu and you’ll notice that there are already gomoku and othello gamerooms open:


As you can see all the action is now available on one page, no need to keep separate browser tabs open for different games. You can see the new client partially even now when you open the Othello game room, however the new version takes one step further and puts all the games and tournaments to one place.

We are currently planning to bring out the first version with support for Othello, Gomoku, Pente, Renju and Sudoku after which we’ll gradually add other games. Unfortunately, since the new version is a complete rewrite on both the client and the server side, then other games (beside the five mentioned before) will be unavailable until we implement them using the new technology. It should not take long however, since we already have the game logics code from the present games.

With the current development pace, we should be able to release the first version in about 1-2 months. We’ll keep you posted!


Mindoku Team

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