Introducing the new Mindoku game client


Mindoku Team has been working on a completely new game client for the past few months and today we are releasing the first beta version of it. Beta means that it should work nicely but might still have a few bugs.

Our first game room that the new client supports is Othello:


As you can see the new client looks and behaves similarly to the old Java applet version but has a few very important differences/improvements over the old version:

  • It utilizes modern web standards (HTML5, Web Sockets, Canvas, etc) which are supported by modern browsers and therefore does not require any external plugins to work. It is very lightweight and starts instantly when you open up a game room. No more waiting until the browser launches the heavy Java Runtime Environment which is needed by the old game client.
  • Soon you’ll be able to play in Mindoku with your tablet or a smartphone. Browsers for the mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc) do not support Java applets but they support new web standards and that makes it possible to use the new client on regular computers and also on mobile devices.
  • The development is much simpler with the new client which means new features or changes can happen faster.

What are the modern browsers that support our new game client you ask? There are currently three of them:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 11 and up
  • Chromium version 16 and up (Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, etc)
  • Safari version 6 and up
Other major browsers that do not support these web standards yet but will add support in the future:
  • Opera starting from the version 12.10
  • Internet Explorer starting from the version 10

Currently only Othello gameroom supports the new client but we will be gradually adding support for other games too. The current game client that is built using the Java technology will be slowly phased out. You’ll still be able to use the Java applet client for some time but we won’t be adding new features to it.

We encourage you to try out the new client and let us know if you encounter any bugs. You can also tell us which game would you like implemented next with the new technology!


Mindoku Team


UPDATE: Opera has now released the version 12.10 which means that IE is the only major browser that has yet to implement support for previously mentioned web standards.

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