Play Gomoku and Othello against a computer!


We added a possibility to play Gomoku and Renju and Othello against a computer. To challenge a computer, just go to the gameroom and invite a user named “Computer” to play. There are two computer users in both gamerooms.


The reasons why we created this possibility are as follows:

  • To create an option for beginners to try the games out without a risk of losing rating points.
  • Possibility for advanced players to spend time when there is nobody else in the gameroom. You can also challenge yourself to find out how many moves you need to win the computer or if you could fill the whole gametable with buttons 🙂

There are only two computer players in those gamerooms because we prefer human players to play with each other (if there are 3 or more users) rather than with computers.

In the near future we’ll add this possibility also to:

Stay tuned!


Mindoku Team

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